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short nights and astronomy

I looked on my T.V. for my astrological forecast, just for fun today. I never do it, so i decided i would today. It said:

"If it seems like everyone's scrutinizing your every move lately, rise to the occasion. You can prove yourself to all of them by doing better than anyone else."

I believe that is someone telling me that this band is going to change everything. I believe that is someone telling me that a lot of me will change before the end of summer.

Today was time for myself, and it was much needed.

I hung out with my cousins Wes and joseph. We went to the elementry school and shot basketball. We came home and watched most of the new version of Freaky Friday. Well, at least the parts that Lindsay Lohann was in ;).

Tonight, my friend Tim is coming over to stay the night. I will spare him talks about girl and such. Its boys night out tonight. Sorry girls.. hehe..

Tommorow is supposed to be another practice with the funeral. Hopefully, It will be just as good or better than the first one.

We are stars..burned and faded.
Nathan </3
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