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The realization that you can't always be a toys-r-us kid.

Today, i decided that im cutting the entries down by a lot. Somedays, i won't post anything at all. Other's i might post a little bit, or a quiz or something. If something HUGE happens, than ill post an entire thing on it..maybe..depends on what it is. Im also doing a friends cut today. Anybody who wants me can comment. I'll give you until tommorow to reply.

Tim and his girlfriend were lying on the couch practicly naked. I kicked Michelle out of my house. This isn't a whore house, this is my house, and i won't have them disrespecting my house like that. Tim's cool about stuff though, so he's fine..but michelle...this isn't the first time.

Im sorry to all the people who think i am just a liar, and a bullshitter. Everybody makes mistakes, and its the real men and women who are the ones willing to change that. I want to be the person i always wanted to be. I told Kylie and some others that this is what i wanted. I will change if people can let go of the past and let me change. Please, i really need this to work out for me. Im 18 years old now. Its time to grow up.

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Don't cut meeeeeeeeeeeee
me me me me me me!!! I<3Nate like whoa!
You know I want you..... so you better keep me.... you won't have anyone to be emo with if you get rid of me... and plus I heart you like whoa dooooood.
<3333333333 Lindsey
"i really need this to work out for me. Im 18 years old now. Its time to grow up."

Bullshit my friend, as soon as you start following that kind of mindset your fucked!!! Who the fuck discovered that when youve been alive a certain time you have to act or think in a certain way....nobody thats who, no way should you let age dictate behaviour, thats utter crap and its an excuse so dont bail on me and use it ok? dont force yourself to change and grow, you wont wake up tomorrow any different than when you woke up this morning, change occurs with experience and wisdom, you cant make yourself grow up, you cant force something to happen that happens in its own time. Ever here your parents of someone older than you say they still feel 16? thats coz you dont notice yourself growing up it just happens on its own so fuck everyone else, be yourself and stay true to who you are; be pure!!! that my friend is "growing up" acknowledging that other peoples opinions on you shouldnt alter who you are, let them think whatever they want, in 5, 10, 15 years? you probably, in all likelyhood wont know them anymore, so fuck em!! ^_~

....Lecture ends now!

i love your attitude! Thats why I admire you so much. Thank you for being honest with it. You're right, growing up is something you have toliteraly "grow in" but i feel as though, i have begun to grow up. Because i just went through this crazy dilema with the Miranda situation and the relization that I am no longer wanting to be the way the past has me labeled. Nobody else but myself has pursuaded me to want to be who i want to be.

Now, do you want me to keep you or what? ^_~
If your learning then your growing its that simple dude ^_^, make the change on your own terms, thats all im saying...and yea mutha fuker keep me on your list, I didnt write all this just so you could ditch me ^_~
Add me, bitch.