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The realization that you can't always be a toys-r-us kid.

Today, i decided that im cutting the entries down by a lot. Somedays, i won't post anything at all. Other's i might post a little bit, or a quiz or something. If something HUGE happens, than ill post an entire thing on it..maybe..depends on what it is. Im also doing a friends cut today. Anybody who wants me can comment. I'll give you until tommorow to reply.

Tim and his girlfriend were lying on the couch practicly naked. I kicked Michelle out of my house. This isn't a whore house, this is my house, and i won't have them disrespecting my house like that. Tim's cool about stuff though, so he's fine..but michelle...this isn't the first time.

Im sorry to all the people who think i am just a liar, and a bullshitter. Everybody makes mistakes, and its the real men and women who are the ones willing to change that. I want to be the person i always wanted to be. I told Kylie and some others that this is what i wanted. I will change if people can let go of the past and let me change. Please, i really need this to work out for me. Im 18 years old now. Its time to grow up.

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