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Today's practice was toooooooo fun! We really got the first three songs down to knowing exactly what we want them to sound. "Kiss me like Cyanide" is right now my favorite so far. We just made a really catchy chorus type thing in it that Rance and Justin provided. It makes the song seem more easier to take in concedering its a very hard song with a lot of breakdowns. The second song which is a "fight song", is working itself out the more we do it. Its really got a glassjaw feel in the singing part now. "You're only seventeen once" now is the fun song in the group to play, and is looking right now to be a potential crowd favorite, depending what the crowd is. We're coming together extremly fast, and we all seem to want to play soon. Currently, it looks that might be in about two or three weeks. Of course, i'll let my journal mates know whats going on.

Right now, im working on a web site for the band, so when I'm done and confirm that its good for the rest of the boys, i'll give out the address. It's looking up right now for me. :) Going to Eric's church this Sunday and going to church with Tara on Wednesday. Fun Times! Can't wait to practice again tommorow!

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were you one of the kids that got beat up? or friends with them?

if you have no idea what im talking about. disregard.